AIADMK Secretary files defamatory case against Kushboo

Kushboo in trouble

Kushboo seems to have got into trouble once again. An AIADMK activist filed a defamation complaint against her for commenting on the election results saying that it is the people’s defeat and they are going to suffer for the next five years with the state going to be ruled by J Jayalalitha.

The actress was seriously campaigning for the DMK and during the recent election campaign. Kushboo’s election campaign was also highly publicized as she still enjoys the star status.

She had given an interview to a Tamil daily, published on May 15 following the massive victory of AIADMK in the assembly elections, stating that the people of Tamil Nadu, ‘have lost and they are going to suffer for the next five years.’

V Pugazhendi, the State Secretary of the AIADMK in Karnataka, has filed a petition in the Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Egmore to punish Kushboo under Section 500 of the IPC for issuing a statement, which was allegedly defamatory.

In his complaint on Thursday, Pugazhendhi submitted that himself, other cadres of the AIADMK party were humiliated and defamed by her statement. He contended that Kushboo who could not digest the massive mandate of the people and the landslide victory of the AIADMK, had nurtured an ill will and with an ulterior motive, issued a defamatory statement and intentionally blamed the people by issuing the statement, after the election results were published. He sought to punish her for an offence under Section 500 of the IPC. The matter will come up in court on June 16.

Well!!Kushboo would have now one more case to the already pending two against her, to shuttle between courts.



  1. Aravind

    Shut up u bitch……u dont have any rights to comment the verdict of tamil people…….bitchy bitch….a whole shame symbol for women….

  2. dana

    Why u ppl call the other bitch… pls understand God ur mother & sisters also women. Bare that in ur mind. Watch out…. PLSSSSSSSSS  :'( :'( :'(

  3. saran

    Dont say lik dis again…this is 1st and final warning for u…if u post like dis comment again…thats it…

  4. vadivukarasi

    I don’t know if AIDMK is good for TN, but I centainly sure that DMK is very very bad for TN.  Kushboo poo oda sendhu naarum manakuma … aana nee narooda(dmk) seendhu unna neeA gab aadika vechutta. The fox and grape story maadri undhan kadhai … hahhahaa 😀  

  5. Aravind

    Vidunga boss…Vishal one rupee rice kadathura gumbal…appdi than avar valla attuvar….DMK mika nandri ullavar…lol

  6. Aravind

    Vanthutardu nattamai….i dont call all the women bitch…….she deserves that title…….ennum loose thanma sister mother peseketa errunga…….oora kollai adichu nasam panra kootam athu……

  7. cyrusdass

    aidmkyil  irukkum pothu inikkim kushboo ippoluthu kaskkirathaa. kudineerukkaka naayaaka peyaaka alaiyavidum karnatakavilirunthu oru arpan kespottathum intha aattam podukirirkal. Ennadaa unggal rasanaiyum athimethaavithanamum. 

  8. kishah

    how can u say that? tamil nadu is not dubargurr ppl like u who sit on their ass and don’t go make a difference are dubargurrs. You complain about our politics and everything that happens and you call tamil nadu dubargurr but what are you doing? Nothing. Now don’t get me wrong I am not making a difference either but don’t complain about tamil nadu and then sit there and not do anything to change it. That is just lame. 

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