Dhanya Balakrishna

After criticizing CSK, Dhanya Balakrishna quits Kollywood forever

Dhanya Balakrishna

Bangalore-based Dhanya Balakrishna is an upcoming actress who has played small and significant roles in films such as 7am Arivu and Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi. The actress, however, has gotten herself into neck-deep trouble following her disparaging remarks against the Chennai Super Kings team and its entry into the play-off round on her Facebook account.

CSK made it to the play-off round thanks to defeats suffered by three other teams, all contenders to make it to the final round. However, it demolished Mumbai and Delhi teams with lion-hearted performances before losing out to Kolkata narrowly in a high-voltage final held in Chennai last Sunday. Dhanya’s remarks, which were taken note on on networking sites, have been sharp criticisms of CSK as she couldn’t digest Team Bangalore’s ouster from the IPL-V tournament.

“Dear Chennai, you beg for water; we give! You beg for electricity, we give!. ur people come and occupy our beautiful city and kocha paduthify it, we allow and nw u were at our mercy to go to playoffs, n we let be!!. like this you begging – we giving! dai ungalukku vekkame illaya da??” were the unwarranted remarks recorded by Dhanya, which have been vehemently opposed by many in the past week or so. It is widely felt that she shouldn’t have mixed politics and sport while regretting her Team’s ouster.

Facebook is full of messages condemning Dhanya who was shocked to find opposition of such a huge proportion. Following this, she has issued a statement saying “I have decided to quit Chennai and Kollywood. I earnestly hope this would bring a full stop to the issue. I don’t have any future plans to come back to Chennai to star in Tamil films; I have even withdrawn from the already committed films.”

Surely, it’s not Kollywood’s loss!


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  1. Ananthanarayanan

    At outset I express my strong objection to Dhanya’s post. Such a wonderful actor, admired and followed and liked by so many Tamil people like me, has unbelievably uttered such nonsensical words. I think she might have been intoxicated. Sorry Dhanya..you are the ultimate loser…I personally had a high regard for you. Now you have now burnt it to ashes….At least in future please think many times before putting up even a single word, because you are a public figure…..

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