After Anbulla Rajinikanth, its Anbulla Kamal

After Anbulla Rajinikanth its Anbulla Kamal

Now its not that we want to say Kamal is following Rajini or the other way round. (mmm…will have re-think on that latter).Even though there have been a lot of comparisons, love-lost and of course praises being poured from their huge fan-groups spreading across national boundaries, the fact remains, both Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have their own unique styles as they have earned their spots among the zillions in their individualistic ways.

But lately the victory needle seems to be biased, so to say, in this heated debate between Thalaivar Rajinikanth and Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. Earlier we had reported of Kamals daughter Shruti Haasan betting safe, donning the role of a cancer patient to seal her Super entry. Now apparently the so called ‘Super entry’ is already being compared to Superstar’s 1975 hit Apoorva Raagangal, debuting as a cancer patient. To make matters more ‘suspicious’ it is father Kamal Haasan who will be borrowing a trick or two and appearing in a new movie titled Anbulla Kamal. Now lets just say that sounds a little bit Rajinish (remember his 1984 flick Anbulla Rajini) but guess what there’s more to it. Infact the whole theme of a suffering cancer patient being visited by The Superstar (who plays himself as actor in the movie) is now being put to the testing grounds. In the new movie Anbulla Kamal, Kamal Haasan plays himself as an actor who visits the cancer hospital and gives hope to the diseased .The movie Anbulla Kamal is a Tamil dub of the original Malayalam flick Four Friends starring 4 cancer stricken patients in Jayaram, Kunchako Boban , Jayasurya and Meera Jasmine with Kamal playing himself as an actor and giving hope to the 4 friends.

 Now what has to be seen is how far Kamal will be able to RECREATE the Rajini effect.  




  1. Rajesh Kanna

    Hi, this is not right, Four Friends does not resemble Anbulla Rajinikanth, other than the theme. Out of four friends one will be a fan of Kamal, all four of them will be cancer patients. they want to go to malaysia and Jayaram helps them. In the airport, Jayaram sees Kamal and arrange for a meeting of his friends with UlagaNayagan. A surprised fan (played by Jayasurya) along with others will be stunned. then Kamal speaks about cancer and how he lost some of his dearones due to it, gives pep talk and send them. It’s just one scene, for about 5-10 mins. Kamal mentioning his old friend, srividhya & Gautami’s name during this conversation. As a matter of fact, before meeting Rajini for the first time, Kamal had a friend who resembled like Rajini (only difference being that he was fair) he died of cancer. from then onwards kamal developed a liking to rajini, Kamal has informed this in many interviews.

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