Advocates protest against Comedian Santhanam

Advocates Protest against Santhanam

A large number of practicing advocates staged a protest in front of the Egmore Court complex today protesting against comedian Santhanam’s ‘ridiculing’ act which they said amounted to defame not only the advocates but the very legal profession on the whole. Santhanam plays a lawyer in the film ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ which has Vikram, Anushka and Amala Paul in the lead.

Directed by Vijay, the film released a couple of weeks ago and has been well-received by the audience and has earned critical acclaim from the print and television media as well. Anushka and Santhanam play advocates who try their best to help Vikram, who plays a person with ‘special needs’ in the film, to keep custody of his 5-year old daughter.

The advocates raised slogans against Santhanam and demanded an ‘unconditional apology’ from the comedian besides deletion of ‘sequences ridiculing the advocates’. The protest and demonstration went on for an hour or so, which made the locality tense.

After raising slogans, the advocates dispersed peacefully to discharge their duties.



  1. DK

    yovv poyya yovv poyya..santhanam potrayed the same..ungalukku case illama thane..idhuku kude case podringo..poyya yov poyya

  2. guestungo

    means he should ask sorry not only to of the world too..way to go Santhanam…continue your work..these are just for publicity…

  3. Prata

    fuck you guys go and die. It was just a movie entertainment. anway u lawyers are no good so shut the fuck up

  4. tim

    In the end , Santhanam became popular….Now close the chapter !!! Advocates, please continue with your pending cases !!

  5. August

    OMG this is so funny lol.. for godsake movies are made for entertainment purposes LOL… I guess on the longrun it will bring fame to Santhanam.

  6. venkatappalanaidu

    Comment:what is this it is a rediclous. Don’t blame hardwarking actor santhanam plase copertive him

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