Actresses and their duplicate voices

Actresses and their onscreen voices
Actresses and their onscreen voices

The import of actresses from North India and non-Tamil speaking States has been the trend since  the early 70’s and has been continuing till now as a non-stop affair. Khushboo, Shriya Saran, Tamannaah Bhatia, Poonam Bajwa, Taapsee, Charmee Kaur, Neetu Chandra, Snidgha, Vega, Kangna Ranaut, Hansika Motwani, Vedhika, …… the list is endless.

Almost all of them, with the exception of a few, are even able to engage  a brief conversation with others. Tamannaah, who has been a frontline heroine for the past few years, has of course learnt to speak in Tamil faster than others. She has taken a cue from Khushboo ,who rarely dubbed in her own voice in Tamil films during the time when she was on top in the early nineties.

Archana, heroine of Sasikumar’s ‘Easan’, has gone on a crash-course to learn to speak in Tamil. Neetu Chandra now has a Tamil tutor arranged by director Ameer. Anushka Shetty a.k.a. Anuskha who hails from the neighbouring Karnataka unlike many of the above-said heroines who hail from either Punjab or from the North Indian States, hasn’t apparently made any sincere effort to learn to speak in Tamil.

We don’t know whether Anuskha has no time to learn Tamil through a tutor or she has no interest in learning but she relies entirely on playback singer Chinmayee to dub for her in all her Tamil and Telugu films. As Chinmayee remains busy with her playback assignments, Anushka makes it a point to tell her producers (at the time of taking up an assignment) that they should ensure that Chinmayee too is signed up to dub for her character in the film.

Chinmayee,  lent her voice for Tamannaah’s character in the film ‘Kandein Kaadhalai’ which went a long way in making it a reasonably successful film, received accolades from various quarters for  having dubbed  for Trisha in ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvya’. Chinmayee also does dubbing regularly for Tollywood actress Samantha in Telugu films!

We wonder why actresses like Trisha and Sneha (who are well-versed in Tamil) decide to give the skip when it comes to dubbing in their own voices for their respective characters in films.



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