Actress Nicole

Actress Nicole didn’t cooperate, complains director

Actress Nicole

Debutant director Rajkrishna has levelled allegations of non-operation by actress Nicole, who was part of the cast of the film Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam (ONV) which hit the screens State-wide last Friday. The film is mightily significant for actress Sonia Agarwal who has played the lead role of an actress in the film.

Elaborating further, Rajkrishnana says: “ONV is based on the various incidents in an actress’ life and her way to the top; however, it is not based on any real-life occurrences which took place in any particular actress’ life. Sonia Agarwal has done a wonderful job and was very cooperative throughout the making of the film. Actress Nicole was recommended by a common friend to play a significant role in the film.

“I saw Nicole’s photograph and decided to take her in. However, when she turned up for the shoot, I was horrified as she had put on oodles of flesh and looked like a ‘balloon’ waiting to go bust. Not wanting to upset her, I went ahead with the shoot and made Nicole take up the role offered to her originally.

“Nicole refused to put on the costume given to her during shooting. She had many common sequences with Sonia in the film but due to her non-cooperation, we couldn’t film those sequences. Somehow, we managed to complete the film and release it. She tells the media that I spoke in an obscene manner; I didn’t do anything though I was angry with her for skipping the shooting schedule many times.

“I was in a hurry to complete the film and didn’t find time to react to her allegations. She has filed a complaint with the Nadigar Sangam that she is yet to be paid her fee for starring in the film. She appears to be habitual of leveling allegations against producers of all her films,” concludes Rajkrishna.


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