Actress Bindu Madhavi

Actress Bindu Madhavi has now changed her name as Bindu Sagar

Actress Bindu Madhavi  Following on the footsteps of ‘item girl’ Suja who recently changed her name to Suja Varunee, Actress Bindu Madhavi has now changed her name after some ‘deep consultations’ with her numerologist. Even before she announced the change officially, the details of the name change has ‘leaked out’ to the press.

Heroine of films such as Veppam and Kazhugu, Bindu has an interesting explanation for her decision to go for a change of name. Saying she would henceforth be known by her new name of Bindu Sagar instead of Bindu Madhavi, Bindu says “Numerology has nothing to do with the change in my name I have decided to bring in. I’m very fond of my brother Sagar, who recently expired.

“Sagar was preparing intensely for his IAS exams when he expired in an unexpected manner, leaving us crest-fallen. In order to remember his name forever, I have decided to add the suffix of Sagar to my name. I hereby appeal to my friends, relatives, well-wishers, fans and the media persons to hereinafter address me as Bindu Sagar.

“I strongly feel that when I’m addressed by that name, I feel that the departed soul of my brother would always be with me, guiding me in all my future endeavours,” said an emotional looking Bindu Sagar.


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