Actors should not be held responsible for losses: Nadigar Sangam

58th general body meeting of Nadigar sangam

The 58th general body meeting of Nadigar sangam was held recently in Chennai, headed by the association president Sarath Kumar. During the meeting, there are several important decisions have been taken to protect the film actors and the important among those decisions is the actors should not be asked for the compensation for the losses incurred by Theatre owners by screening the actor’s films.

The various decisions taken were:

The actors or artistes should not be held responsible for the losses incurred by theatre owners as an actor does not have anything to do with the business of screening films. Theatre owners cannot threaten actors or seek compensation from them for losses incurred.

All the artistes should become members of the SIFAA on or before August 15 failing which they will not permitted to act in Tamil films.

While asking about the action to be taken against the actors whoever visited Sri Lanka, Sarath Kumar told that action would be taken soon by the Joint Consultative Committee.

A mutually acceptable solution would be worked out by the Joint Consultative Committee, which comprises the Film Employees Federation of India, SIFAA, Tamil Film Producers Council, South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and directors association among others,” Sarath Kumar said.



  1. Rajiv

    Yea. Such politics. The theater compensation issue I guess came from Vijay. I think they will postpone the issue until Asin's next film is released. I heard Tamil Nadu government had a hand in Asin's visit (it might be even a rumour), sure it was an Indian Union's initiative. At this rate I starting to doubt if the will ban ppl. Fingers crossed! 

  2. kk

    ya so ask those actors to reduce their exhorbitant money they ask for their movies.
    In functions they will say director, producer,technicians etc are most important we all worked as team.
    but at the end, they will be paid peanuts and these actors will run with the lions share
    and when failure occurs, they wont compensate that producer!
    people are asking them money coz thats where the money goes.
    as long as the film is a profit, producers have to put up with this huge sum for actors.
    but when it comes to loss, those actors should come forward and give a part of their fees which they got so unreasonably higher then others for their contribution.

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