Actor Tharun Falls into a well, rescued Stills

Actor Tharun Chatriya, who has acted in films like Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum, Aanmai Tharavel while shooting for Seeman Starrer Kandupidi Kandupidi, at a village near Kambam met with an accident and sustained head Injuries.

Tharun had to shoot for a scene with him seated on the last steps of a 100ft well, and while walking down the steps of the green fungus filled well he slipped,lost balance and had a fall near the bottom footsteps. Immediate to rescue were two people from the local crowd who jumped into the well and brought Tharun up.

He was treated at a hospital near by, and infact Tharun did return to the shooting spot to complete the scene again with loud appluase from the crowd and the team.

Actor Tharun Rescue stills

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  1. Chinna R

    haiyyoo..hero pramathamana nadigar pa..kallu mela vokkandhu muluguna madri yennama nadikuraru!!!!!!shuuuu mudiyale :'(

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