Actor Rajesh Slaps Newcomer Dhaya

Ochayee Rajesh Dhaya

Well, it’s true that veteran actor Rajesh slapped newcomer Dhaya in his upcoming film Ochayee, but we can assure you, he had no bad intentions.

Ochayee is an upcoming movie which is produced by Dravia Pandian. This movie will have newcomers Dhaya and Thamarai in lead roles and directed by Asaithambi.

Apparently, there is a scene in the film where Dhaya, who plays Rajesh’s son, walks out of his home without listening to his father. An upset Rajesh, who cannot control his temper, slaps Dhaya.

To make this scene realistic, the director asked Rajesh to give a ‘real’ slap to Daya. And to capture the scene in varying emotions, the director asked for many takes of the same.

Debutant director Aasaithambi wanted make this scene realistic and hence, asked Rajesh to give a ‘real’ slap to Dhaya. And both Rajesh and Dhaya agreed.

In fact, to get the perfect shot, an entire day was spent on the scene and Dhaya had to get slapped for almost half a day of shooting.   Ochayee also has Ganja Karuppu, Shakila and Santhana Bharathi among others.



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