Actor Alex Son Tejas

Actor Alex’s son Tejas debuts as hero in Pallikoodam Pogamalae

Actor Alex Son Tejas

In the season of sons of stars debuting as actors in Tamil cinema, yet another star son is gearing up for a grand debut. Tejas, son of the late actor Alex, is all set to make is debut as hero in an upcoming film titled Pallikoodam Pogamalae (PP). The film would be directed by debutant director Jayaseelan and would have another debutant Aishwarya opposite Tejeas as heroine.

Jayaseelan informs us that the script of the film would deal with the behaviour of school-going students and their psyche. “We have driven home the importance of curriculum and its bearing on the lives of students for the rest of their lives. At the same time, we have also not forgotten to analyze as to whether education is alone enough for a man to progress in his life.

“I feel most of the parents have grossly misunderstood the present-age education system. Each student possesses a particular skill/talent which enables him/her to learn on his own in the most natural manner about the thing. Parents miss out in identifying this particular trait in their children.

“Students’ intelligence shouldn’t be judged on the basis of their mark sheets or progress reports. Forcing the children with innumerable number of textbooks only burdens them and at times prompts some children to desert their homes. In few cases, suicides also occur. We have addressed all these issues and many more and have also sprinkled in some ‘entertaining’ elements in the film,” says Jayaseelan.

Directors A. Venkatesh (remember the strict Supervisor in Angaadi Theru?) and Rajkapoor have played significant roles in the film.


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