Accident met Simbu and Vishal back on track

Vishal - Simbu Injured
Vishal - Simbu Injured

Actors Simbu and Vishal, who were injured last week during their shoots for upcoming films ‘Vaanam’ and ‘Avan Ivan’ have recovered now.

While Simbu was injured doing a daredevil bike scene,  Vishal suffered the mishap shooting for a risky stunt sequence

On the Incidents

A few days back director Krish of Vaanam was shooting for scene which required Simbu to race at high speed in a live traffic area. And Simbu was racing out in the busy lanes of triplicane  but when the cameras tied to the front where falling down he lost his balance and skid the bike. He was fortunate indeed to jump of the road to have a missed a speeding car at the rear. Simbu was soon taken to a near by hospital and treated for the the brusies on his hands and legs.

Speaking about the accident, Simbu said, “It was a touch-and-go situation as I could have easily been run over by the car that was behind me.”

On the other hand, Vishal injured his shoulder while shooting for the climax fight scene with industrialist-turned-actor RK for ‘Avan Ivan’ in Theni. The climax fight which is being told to be the biggest highlight of the film, for which Vishal inorder  to make it utmost realistic, Vishal jumped from a tall building refusing the aid of a ‘double’,  but due to miscalculation in the jump fell to the ground and injured in his left shoulders.And later was take to a nearby hospital and is being treated by the best physio’s of chennai.

Latest update: both the actors have recovered and are raring to go.

Says simbu, “I am perfectly OK. Vaanam is almost 90 percent over as we have completed the talkie portion. Only parts of a song remain to be shot now. If all goes well, the film should be a Valentine’s weekend release.”

Vishal said he is in full control of the situation and is all set to resume work and join ‘Avan Ivan’ team next week.


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