Abhinaya on Praise during Eeshan press meet

Actress Abhniaya - Sasikumar

The Nadodigal actress Abhinaya, had  received an extra-ordinary recognition from the Tamil Cinema lovers as well as the Movie Critics, the Actress although inspite of the physical inability, has done a spectacular performance and did100%  justice to her role in “Nadodigal”.  The actress basically from Kerala joined this team after a  very bad experience to Samuthirakani.

During the Eeshan press meet, Samuthrakani,spoke on how he introduced the actress and what made him select her ” I was narrating the script of Nadodigal to a celebrity actress. After some listening to me for half an hour she responded she could not understand Tamil and asked me to narrate  it in English. I was taken by surprise and raised my doubts of  while i couldn’t even narrate the script to her how i would be able to make her act in the film.  I gave up pursuing the actress for whom i had waited for two years, and that was the time i was an actress Abhinaya got introduced to me, i took it up as a challenge to make abhinaya who is *deaf and dumb act in this movie.Even though I took this decision in an annoyance, it feels much better to me”

Abhinaya, Vaibhav in Eesan

It  was neither an easy task for her, but she used to put in 200% home work, she regularly  by heart the dialogs and rehearse the pronunciation even before she comes to act in front of the camera. She has been such dedicated girl, and she had made me proud,

I wanted her to repeat in telugu too, that was the reason i had cast her, she has again proved her talent. My next movie is under Sasikumars Direction, Eeshan, i play the lead along with Vaibhav. And Abhinaya pairs with Vaibhav and is crafting the role of a college girl and looks pretty in her attire.

While director of Eeshan Sasikumar spoke said we as a team are comfortable with the actress as we had already worked with her. To say the truth, i have learnt a lot of things from her,  and we are happy that there are many Directors waiting for her call sheet today,

We hope the actress will make an appreciative performance in Sasikumar’s Eeshan too.



  1. nutty!!!!

    good many people should learn from her !!!! disabitlity should nt stop a person to reach a goal !!!!!!!!!good abi keep it up!!!

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    hi rajtamil please ask anyone to check the information before uploading it coz instead of deaf and dumb it is typed as dead and dumb, please correct it,coz it will hurt the concern person when viewed.*********************************************************************

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