Aaranya Kaandam faces injustice by the Censor board according to producer


Aaranya Kaandam recently met ill fate at the hands of Censor Board and to the directors amazement has received an A certificate. The film produced by S P B Charan and directed by debutant Thiagarajan Kumararaja with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, is about a gangster story set in Royapuram, Chennai.
They movie made everyone proud at the Grand Jury Award for Best Film at the prestigious South Asian International Film Festival in New York. On its Indian tour for a certification the censor board reportedly wants more than two dozen cuts the reason being profanity. Scenes revealing drug abuse and violence in the climax have been a case of worry for the board.

We had a talk with S P B Charan himself; here is an excerpt from the interview.

Do you think the recent controversy is justified?

Not at all! The film has been appreciated by audiences worldwide for its honest content and has also won a major award. The Censor board insists on innumerable cuts and has given it an ‘A’ certificate. That is still acceptable; I’m ready to take the ‘A’ certificate but without cuts, as I have kept in mind only a mature audience and not children, that is certain!

We heard there are hints of profanity in the movie, which has been the cause of worry for the board.

I think it is the best film that has emerged out of Kollywood in a long, long time. The film is a dark gangster drama that has been based on the drug trade. Yes, definitely talking about the movie the characters do have roles that show a bit of profanity and there is some blood and gore too but it is all a part of the script.

There is one thing that hurts me and it is the outlook towards Madurai films which the same censor board has passed. Why only this film, very recently the same censor board, sitting in Mumbai, passed No One Killed Jessica that had a lot of profanity, I am not going to go into details about that. There was Raktha Charithra which again had a lot of blood and gore too. Some time ago, Dev D had an entire song on drug abuse too. The list can go on, but I have no idea why I am been centered upon. Why only my film?

Yes we agree. So, what do you plan to do next, will the Tamil audience get a glimpse of the movie. Everyone is really waiting for this one you know.

Oh yes! Aaranya Kaandam deserves more than this. We always had put in efforts for the film just keeping in mind the people in Tamil Nadu. I will surely take the film to the Tribunal in Delhi, and have a talk. We need to have a uniform censor rule for movies; I will surely look into this, it’s high time.I have to leave now.

Thank you sir for your time, we hope everything works out just fine in time.

As of now, all we can say is, only time will tell if he really wants to release the movie. Join in and show him your support below.


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