Aamir Khan applauds Engeyum Eppodhum, plans for a Hindi remake

Aamir Khan applauds Engeyum Eppodhum plans for a Hindi remake

In many ways Aamir Khan and director AR Murugadoss do have a lot in common with their partnership kicking off during the Ghajini days. Both Aamir and Murugadoss are well-respected professionals who promise to deliver quality ridden cinema and carving out a new dimension for Bollywood and Kollywood respectively.

Aamir and ARM have been in touch with each other ever since and when Aamir came to know about his friend’s first-ever production venture with the Hollywood Fox Star Studios the Bollywood hero was more than willing to catch a special screening of the movie. Directed by Saravanan and jointly produced by Murugadoss and the Fox people, Engeyum Eppodhum has ushered in Hollywood hopes with its big success. Soon after watching the movie Aamir was so impressed that he personally called up the director and pal Murugadoss telling them that the concept was simple, but had been presented beautifully in the lives of two couples. The movie earlier made headlines for entering new markets and it is now heard Aamir has his hands raised up high to get Engeyum Eppodhum remade in Hindi.

Kudos ! to the Engeyum Eppodhum team and here is wishing the movie a long run at the theaters.



  1. Smile

    It was a light movie….very short and to the point.I liked the songs.But its not like a “WoW” film…I felt that Hansika was too playful to even be in love….and only in the end Jayam Ravi reciprocates her love….Paakalam but Amir remake panra alavukku nalla padamnu solla mudiyadhu….Ghajini was worth it.

  2. Smile patty

    Aduka solradu bodaile irkumpodu comment panne kudadu, In the movie engeyum eppodhum hero is not Jayam Ravi its Jai and the heroin is not Hansika its Anjali.

    Poi tunge patty nalikki pesalam.

    We understand Vasin is ur best companion, U miss him badly. Just relax he will be back soon.

  3. Smile

    @heyhey….ok chill!My mistake….just saw Engeyum and not the second word.So what?I did a mistake and you corrected me….That’s it….Thanks….

  4. Smile

    @Smile patty….Ozhunga odipoidu….vambu vendamnu naan odhungi porean.Unna jaika mudiyama illai….naan kalathule eranguneanu vai,née kanamapoiduve adhu unukkum theriyum inga vara regularsukum theriyum.I don’t want to make this forum into a fish market….mind you!
    Btw,if you are missing Mr.Vasin….go to a page where there are less comments and cry out your heart to him….he may come running to you.Just let me know ur wedding day cause I have to tie the other 2 knots of your Thaali(Mappillaiyoda(Vasin)thangatchi(me)dhane andha sadanga seiyanum)… 😛

  5. googly

    @smile ur really cute!!

    @smile patty’s comment was good and ur reply again cute.. I am not trying to impress u… even if I try to d whole KT fans will go against me also.. Actually I started d name smile patty thing and some fake has taken it up..

  6. Smile

    @Googly….Thanks bro/sis…..Yup..KT regulars will go against you if you support me…They may even think you are Vasin who has come in another ID to chat with me.Well,you can use Smile patty ID if you want to.I have no objections.But just beware of the fakes….

  7. spoilers

    Ya the film was very simple and Director should have made something intersting with the love between the couples 

  8. prata

    @Smile neenga naraiya telugu padam, Vijayakanth padam, TR padam paapingalo

    உங்க மீன் கடைல ஜாமீன் கிடைக்குமா ?

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