Aadhi shot fight sequence in high fever for Aadu Puli

Aadhi in Aadu Puli

Actor Aadhi’s next film ‘Aadu Puli’ directed by Vijay Prakash is all set to hit the screens on February 18. Now unit sources have revealed that , in spite of high fever, Aadhi shot a fight sequence in slush and mud for this movie.

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Aadhi had a fight sequence to complete in Kumbakonam and the sequence apparently had to be shot in mud. The actor despite having a boiling fever on the last day of the shoot of 102 degrees went ahead with the shoots and the fight sequence too.

Reportedly every two hours he would head for a bath in order to gain some relief from the itching sensation as the mud sticking to his body caused irritation. The fight sequence was given a thumbs up and has surely been worth the effort.

Great going Aadhi! You surely have inspired many with this act.


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