Aadhi injured badly in Aravaan Shooting


Aadhi has injured his hands and legs badly performing an action scene for his upcoming Aravaan in Melur town, Madurai district.

He was doing the scene all by himself and reportedly he fell from a 5 feet tall tree even though the director provided him a stuntman for the scene. Aadhi was headstrong on doing the scene all by himself although the director asked the stuntman to assist him, little did he know of the circumstances that would follow.

He was rushed to the hospital and will be in bed rest for a few days leading to the shoots for the film been called off temporarily.The doctors said “he has injured his leg and we should give him rest for a a while, maybe 2 days would be enough.

The movie Aravaan is directed by Vasantha Balan and produced by Amma Creations. Aadhi and Dhansika are playing the lead roles in the film which will also star the Mollywood beauty Archana Kavi.

According to Vasantha Balan we quote “Aravaan means a man who has all the qualities of a macho hero.” Aadhi please don’t disappoint him.

Let’s us hope Aadhi gets well soon, send him your prayers by typing in the under space.



  1. sam

    5 feet tall tree.. rombaa hieght-laa irrunthu stunt panni irrukaru.. real stunt vidaa ivanunga publicity stunt jaasti aaiyutu…

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