Aadhi Lakshmi Manchu Flood

Aadhi and Lakshmi Swept Away by Flood – Pics

Aadhi Lakshmi Manchu Flood

Actor Aadhi has a new-found status now as superstar Rajinikanth’s co-star in the latter’s upcoming film Kochadaiyaan, a 3-D animation film. It was reported some time back in sections of the press that Aadhi had impressed Rajini with his height. Despite his non-Tamil backdrop, Aadhi has done well in Tamil films so far and is presently starring in the Tamil-Telugu bilingual titled as Marandhaen Mannithaen(Gundello Godari in Telugu) produced by Lakshmi Manchu.

Daughter of Telugu superstar Mohanbabu, Lakshmi also plays the lead role in the film. The shoot of the film, which also has Tapasee and Sudeep Kishan in prominent roles, was going on along the banks of the river Godawari in Chinchinada village in Andhra Pradesh. The crew had received ‘special permission’ from the authorities at the nearby dam to release water to some extent to ‘create’ the effect of ‘actual floods’.

More than 150 huts were erected along the river’s banks by the Unit where the ‘floods’ were to strike. As many as 20 cameras were pressed into action to can the sequence. More than 250 technicians were at work besides a huge crowd which had collected from nearby localities to watch the ‘floods’ and the shooting. The crew obviously chose to start in the midnight to have a ‘real-time effect’.

The dam was opened for a brief time afte midnight to enable the crew to shoot in the ‘actual effect’ of floods. When the reservoir was opened, the Unit was ready to bear the effect of the opening of six gates. As it happened, the moment water came out gushing through these gates, Aadhi and Lakshmi were swept off their feet and were caught in the floods. The Unit watched in horror as both the lead actors were dragged by the floods.

After Aadhi and Lakshmi were dragged for more than 400 feet, they were saved by the local fishermen who plunged into the ‘floods’ and rescued them. Unfazed by what happened, Lakshmi recoverd soon enough to resume the shooting schedule at the same spot.

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