Aadhi ‘A’ factor

The ‘A’ factor seems to be at play in the life of actor Aadhi of Mirugam and Eeram fame. Aadhi’s next three releases are Ayyanar, Aadu Puli and Aravaan. Says the 27-year-old actor: “After my first two films, I was dying to do an out-and-out commercial flick. I found the script of Ayyanar well-balanced with commercial elements and realism. Aadu Puli with Poorna is a family entertainer with heavyweights such as Prabhu and Suresh. In contrast, Aravaan is a 300-year-old story; something that actually happened and is relevant even today.”

This engineering graduate and trained actor has chosen his scripts well to give himself adequate opportunities to excel. “Success is very important for an actor. With these diverse offerings, I hope to be able to satisfy my audiences,” says Aadhi.


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