Manorama is fine

Aachi Manorama is safe and discharged from hospital

Manorama is fine

Thanks to prayers by millions of fans and well-wishers, record-breaking actress Aachi Manorama has recovered from her illness. Not all her fans are aware that the versatile actress, who has more than 1,500 films to her credit in various Indian languages, is also the holder of the prestigious Guinness record for starring in maximum number of films.

Millions of fans of the actress are heaving a sigh of relief now that she has been discharged from the hospital where she had been admitted last week. The actress, who’s pushing 70, had been afflicted by unbearable pain in her joints for the past few years and underwent treatments of different modes to treat the same.

In fact, she had surgeries performed on both her legs as part of the treatment. A few months back, she had been to Kalahasthi on pilgrimage when she accidentally slipped and fell in the bathroom of the hotel she had been staying. She was then brought to Chennai and a surgery was peformed to nullify the effects of the injury she suffered in the head due to the fall.

Last week, she was again rushed to a private hospital in the city after she complained of pain in the joints. She was treated by a team of doctors who took good care of her needs. After an 8-day stay, the veteran was discharged from the hospital yesterday.


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