A Venkat Prabhu Holiday Vs A C S Amudhan Working Day, spoof continues

Tamil Padam is not short spoof’s even after its release, though nothing was added to the fun element on screens, but in the form of paper ads. They have started spoofing GOA movie which was released on the same day Tamil Padam was also released.

They started with an advertisement a few days ago claiming the movie as ‘A C S Amudhan Working Day’, spoofing the tagline of ‘Goa’- ‘A Venkat Prabhu Holiday’.

To counter this, the ‘Goa’ team, which celebrated its 50th day, released an advertisement on Sunday, which read in Tamil: ‘Idhanal than… Idharkaga than…ena engalukkum makkalukkum purindhu vetrigaramaga odikkondirukkum 50vadhu naal’.

For those wondering how Venkat Prabhu  and Co., countered ‘Tamil  Padam’ team with this ad, the above lines were a spoof of the 50th day ad of ‘Tamil Padam’, which read: ‘Edhanal, edharkaga, ena engalukkkum, makkalaukkum puriyamal vetrigaramaga odikkondirukkum 50vadhu naal’.

not sure whether we can expect some thing more from ‘Tamil Padam’ team now. But it is fun


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