A sneak peek into Va Quarter Cutting

Va quarter cutting
Va quarter cutting

The movie Va Quarter Cutting has been in the spotlight for sometime, now  we have a scoop about the movie’s storyline for you.

The story suggests the fiasco of Sundararajan (Shiva), a Vijay fan, known as Sura in the movie who plays a Coimbatore guy and a die hard Vijay fan.

Now Sura has landed a job in Saudi Arabia and he needs to board his flight from Chennai.” As he is told that it is hard to find liquor in the Middle East country, he wants to taste it before taking the flight,”.An adventure ensues which is to leave you tickling from head to toe following his mishaps all in this brief period of a single night in Chennai. When he spends time with Marthandan (played by SPB Charan) and Saro aka Saraswathi (Lekha Washington) a girl they meet at night who has failed three times in her 12th standard exam and hence is feeling suicidal.

With Y Not Studios as producers and Dhayanidhi Azhagiri’s Cloud Nine Movies as distributors, we are assured of a good release on  Diwali day (5th of November).

Va Quarter Cutting surely looks like a movie you will need to hold your seats to.


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