A sigh of relief for the makers of Deiva Thirumagal

Deiva Thirumagal

UTV Motion Pictures has given reasons to the team of Deiva Thirumagal to feel relieved. The company has taken over the distribution rights of the Vikram-Anushka-Amala Paul starrer movie. There were nervous moments before UTV came into the pictures, as the movie found little takers despite having high profile actors and a successful director (Vijay of Madarasapattinam fame).

Ironically, the insiders feel that nowadays it is easier to make the film than to distribute it. Mohan Natarajan, the producer of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, is one such producer who has undergone some tough experience over the past month in his efforts to release the film.

Deiva Thirumagal was first affected by the controversy over the title with wome section of the society objected to the previous title (Deiva Thirumagan) as it reminded the name of one of the legendary leaders of Tamilnadu. Then the title was changed as Deiva Thirumagal (change of gender) to avoid any confrontation, but the woes were far from over, as the film found few takers.

The sources close to the producers inform that the genre of the film was not that attractive to the distributors. Distributors were skeptical about the outcome of the film, which, they felt, aimed at the ‘classes’ and not the ‘masses’. Vikram plays a person with ‘special needs’ in the film and is ably supported by co-stars Anushka and Amalka Paul. The general opinion is that Vikram’s outstanding acting skill in films like Kasi and Pithamagan might bring him many accolades but it might not create many ripples at the box office. In short, distributors need a Saami or Dhool and not Pithamagan.

Natarajan could not have expected such a reaction when he opted for a meaningful film featuring one of the fine actors of the country. However, he has got a great relief when UTV came forward on its own to get procure the distribution rights of the film. This development has cleared the final hurdle and the film is all set to hit the halls in two or three few weeks’ time.


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