A R Rahman’s tune rejected by leading dancers

A R Rahman's tune rejected by leading dancers
Rahman, Pandit Birju Maharaj and Saroja Vaidyanathan

Six Leading classical dancers have refused to perform on A R Rahman’s tune which was supposed to be the introductory song in Common Wealth Games 2010, and would compose their own song.Vedic chants replace composer’s Aao Balam as introductory song of dance segment following opposition from masters.

Musician A R Rahman‘s association with the Commonwealth Games seems to be going badly out of tune. After facing flak for his theme song “Oh yaaro, yeh India bula liya”, which failed to go down well with the masses and politicians alike, and now another creation of his has been rejected by the six masters of Indian classical dance who were supposed to dance to it.

Rahman had composed a song ‘Aao Balam’ which was supposed to be the introductory song of the Commonwealth Games. Pandit Birju Maharaj (Kathak), Saroja Vaidyanathan (Bharatnatyam), Raja Reddy (Kuchipudi), Sonal Mansingh (Odissi), Guru Singhajit (Manipuri) and Bharati Shivaji (Mohiniyattam) have rejected Rahman’s ‘Aao Balam’ song which was to form the introduction of the 11-minute sequence to be presented by 460 dancers on the opening day.

“I did not like the Aao Balam song at all. It was just not going with the theme of six seasons through six dance forms that we are trying to showcase. The song was just not going with the aesthetics of the Indian classical dance and the guru-shishya parampara that we are trying to showcase in this section”,said Birju Maharaj.

Informing the Organizing Committee (OC) members that the tune of the composition of Rahman’s song is not ideal for their dance, the masters have composed a song in coordination with Birju Maharaj.

Anyway A R Rahman’s theme song “Oh yaaro, yeh India bula liya”  is critised for lack of energy and clarity of words. And some even criticised Rahman for charging a exorbitant Rs 5 crore for a dull song.

“This song has fallen short of expectations. We had a expected a better anthem for the Games from a composer of Rahman’s status,” Malhotra, also the vice-president of the Indian Olympic Association, said.



  1. Anonymous

    <span>A R Rahman is an overrated musician..Of course his songs were praised when Harris Jeyaraj was with him</span>

  2. san33

    interesting…dint meet dancers expectation..this is going to make AR music much more new and as a person more tougher n stronger.. 

  3. Rana

    AR Rahman was good enough for the world and won the Oscar but not good enough for the stupid Indians. Joke….

  4. 619

    He is not having time to score music, he was traveling all over world for music tour, then also he give is best.

  5. kartik

    i am a big fan of AR .. ..just bcoz he won oscar dosn't mean every composition of his to be great …. i expected something better than wht it is now (CW ANTHEM)  .. 

  6. arun

    stupid…look for june ponal song…complete copy of blue-all rise….dont ever compare him with the mozart….what the hell you know about music

  7. Anonymous

    Hello above all,

    I don't know music..ok..If u think u people r genius and A R Rahman as maestro I am very sorry..

    As an Oscar winner Rahman should be able to satisfy all levels of people…His music is not even rejected by a single person or an ordinary man..

    All well-known dancers and higher officials have rejected his tune..He is not even ready to rework for the song citing different reasons..

    As a consumer, if u can raise complaints about the manufacturer, I can have all rights to make comments about a person who gets 5 crores as remuneration that too for a single song..

    Now the other singers have composed a song with out getting a single penny..unlike A R Rahman

  8. Sri007

    Hello….Get a life….He is surely a master….. How in the world all of them are not satisfied…I find it doubtful, May be some mFking politicians would have bribed this so called great dancers to defame him….

  9. Naan

    I loved Ar Rahman's songs from the part like mukala Mukapila..and oorvasi and so on..now after he won the Oscar he has too much projects in hand and seems very busy well ofcourse anyony would be busy after Winning an Oscar but he should concentrate more on tamil songs.. He has it in him.. but he's lacking..  O well I still love his old songs:D.

  10. 619

    neeye solra i dont know about music appurue athukuda AR music ka kkurada pule,   ethula vera consumer complaint vera music pathi konjankuda theriyatha va appadi complaint panna mudiyumada bawd

  11. music fan

    who is harris jayaraj, don't ever think about comparing with dubakkur musician harris jayaraj with great ARR

  12. suresh

    Netthi adi,..

    Andha song release panna naalae comment ezhuthuna ,sariyan mokka song,……

    Neenga than oruthara thalaiyula thooki vecha erakavae maatingalae……………………..

    Rahman is good composer,but this song is below average,……………U should be neutral and accept it…..

  13. John

    ARR is dummy and dubakur.. I have lot of source where he copied tunes from many english albums. He often copy from jackson beats and many arabic tunes.. Lot to say about him. Harris is the real master.

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