A R Rahman Invited By Australian High Commissioner to India to work in Australian Films

At a time when racist attacks against Indians are prevalent in Australia, Mr. Peter Varghese,Australian High Commissioner to India  invites Music maestro A R Rahman to work with Australian directors in a bid to strengthen ties between the two countries and feels  it would act as a bridge for good ties.

Speaking at the preview of the 2010 Australian Film Festival in Chennai on Monday, Varghese said Australia wanted to strengthen its bond with the Indian film industry and the film festival was a step in the direction.

Maybe Baz Luhrmann (popular Australian director) and his good friend A R Rahman can come together and make a big movie soon,” Verghese said, extending an open invitation to the Mozart of Madras.

A screening of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Australia’ was held at the preview. The film festival will be conducted at the South Indian Film Chamber Theatre between May 26 and 31. For further details, log on to http://www.india.highcommission.gov.au/.



  1. Anonymous

    We are proud of you Rahman Sir. Please take this opportunity to bridge a gap between these two countries. It will help all the Indian students studying in Australia.

    You keep growing. Keep it up.

  2. Indian

    I dont know wether these comments will reach Mr. Rahman but i am sure that some Die- hard Ar rahman fan like me will read this.

    Guys I am in Australia, for the past 4 years. Pls dont beleive abt the news that was published in our local newspapers and television. Coz they were mislead and inappropriatly portrayed. I dont say that there isnt any racism in Australia, I'd rather say that Where isnt this Rascism exist. Stop calling others a Rascist. Think about ourselves. Do we really love every other fellow human being.

    Lesson learnt by me recently. Proud to be in a country where Mr. Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi once born and lived.

    Jai Hind !!!

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