A R Rahman in Michael Jackson’s style

a r rahman in michael jackson style

A R Rahman is performing in 11 live music concerts in America next week. 300 different costumes have been specially designed for these shows. Though the ticket rates for the program were at the peak, all the tickets have been sold out. A R Rahman is performing in various shows in America and Europe starting from June 11th.

A R Rahman is performing 11 live music concerts in main cities of America such as New York and Washington till July 5th. He is also performing in London on July 25th and in Paris on July 17th. All the programs are planned to take place in well known and famous stages.

A R Rahman in Michael Jackson’s style

One of the important aspects to be noted while performing in America and Europe is the costume. A R Rahman has planned to very shining clothes like Michael Jackson while performing. The whole teams of A R Rahman, his co-singers and dancers have 300 different costumes designed for them. Special costume is designed for A R Rahman. It is to be noted that A R Rahman previously has also performed wearing such clothes.

The same team which did the costume design work for the famous Grami function, designs for A R Rahman’s team. A R Rahman has planned to sing 24 songs in the stage and each song in different costumes. Songs from Roja, Slum Dog Millionaire, Laagan, Dilsei are expected to sung. Along with Rahman, four dance groups and a yoga team would be present to entertain the audience.



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