A R Rahman Brand Ambassador of Toyoto Etios Car

A R Rahman Brand Ambassador of Toyoto

Toyota Kirloskar Motor announced two-time Oscar award winner A R Rahman as its brand ambassador for its upcoming small car Etios, which will be launched in the country in December.

“The much-awaited Etios will be launched in December this year, and Rahman as the brand ambassador will endorse the products through various marketing campaigns of the company,” Toyota Kirloskar Motor said.

The car has been been specifically developed for the Indian market and the company is investing Rs 3,200 crore (Rs 32 billion) at its second plant in Bangalore to produce its units.

About roping in the Rahman as the face of the Etios campaign, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Managing Director, TKM, said: “We are extremely happy to sign on Mr. Rahman as the brand ambassador for the Etios. There is a very strong connect between the product and its brand ambassador, with both being, ‘Global’, ‘Innovative’, ‘Reliable’, and a ‘Class-above Quality’.

TKM deputy managing director-marketing Sandeep Singh said the Toyota brand in India will only get stronger and far- reaching ‘with Rahman in our multi-media campaigns.

On his association with Toyota, Rahman said: “I believe real quality is created when skill meets dedication, when insight meets inspiration, when passion meets perfection. This is why I am happy to be associated with Toyota. The same values drive Toyota in whatever they do.”



  1. raam

    முதல்ல ஒழுங்கா மியூசிக் போடுடா அப்புறம் Brand Ambassador ஆகலாம்.

  2. shafi

    dare u talk abt A.R. Rahman………….u dont have ny rights 2 talk abt him…. ethavathu oru paatu cd… download pannama kaasu  kuduthu vaangi irukiya…….. Mr. Raam pls check u r comments b4 u comment whom u r commenting abt……..ok  

  3. kalavani

    he is jus exploiting…making tons of money……  he is jus over-rated…..  i still consider him much inferior to illayaraja

  4. A R R fan

    Raam..what qualification do u have comment abt A R R ??? He is the only one person(in this recent modern world) who made our Tamil people proud and portrait in the world level how competitive we r !! Bcoz of ur kind of people..we r still not improving 100% !! First learn to appreciate what he has done for us ??

  5. elaam manithan

    Hi Ram, do you understand what people think about you from their comments. do be so Illiterated by using showing your indecent behaviour. what makes you to write such a bad comment are racist or uncivilized ?what u mean by nalla paddu ? do you mean manamtha leelaiyai vendor undo.mavana ithoda niruthu illa

  6. john

    A.R.Rahmen is doing his job correctly. why people comment about him. first be sure whether we are correctly doing our job sincerly. All current mucisian are doing they best. if you dont like the person please dont comment about him. we are still back because of over speech and commenting about others. please dont hurt musicians. currently all are doing well. Appluase to A.R.Rahman. All the Best.

  7. raam

    i  mean பழைய trent ட கொண்டு வா எண்ணு சொல்லுறன் பா. புது trent எல்லோரையும் ஈர்க்கவில்லை…
    இதை தான் சொல்ல வருகிறேன்.
     தப்பா நினைக்க வேண்டாம்.

  8. venugopaal

    டேய் மதராசிங்களா. எங்க ஆந்திரா மியூசிக் டைரக்டர் தேவி ஸ்ரீ பிரசாத், மணி ஷர்மா வ விட உங்கட A .R .ரஹ்மானுடைய மியூசிக் நல்லாவே இல்ல டா. அத முதலில் புரிஞ்சிகோடா மதராசி நாய்ங்களா…..

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