A R Murugadoss turns producer for his associate

Director A R Murugadoss who started his cine carrer as a writer, joined as assistant director with S. J. Suryah for films like Vaali and Khushi, and turned into a Director through Dheena,Ramana,and Ghajini has made it in big in Kollywood,tollywood and Bollywood with his directorial skills.The Director is all set to play a new avatar, as a producer for his associate.

According to sources close to the director say that he will be producing a film for his long-time associate Saravanan.Saravanan has been Murugadoss manager for a long time. The yet-to-be titled film will have two heroes and it is told Vimal,the Kalavaani hero fame has been signed as one of the heroes.Jai is Saravanan’s next preference.

Murugadas is currently busy with his sci-fi film, 7 Aum Arivu.



  1. Kumar

    Ok, let him copy. I enjoyed watching all his movies. It doesn't matter from where he copies, it is important that how he presents in indian cinema.

  2. anoymous

    There nothing wrong in copying … he doesnt copy the usual love stories.. his subjects r really good.. and he has taken tamil cinema to next level with the stories…
    for people u cant reach those english movies ( i mean understand )  , his tamil movies is a good platform to understand tat. How many of us even knew abt the movie "Memento " before Gajini realeased….

  3. Sf

    even me i agree with kumar n 1st annonymous,ther is nothg rong in copying since it mtrs hw he presents it beautifully.

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