A Press conference by Surya regarding Nanban

A Press conference by Surya regarding Nanban
A Press conference by Surya regarding Nanban

Shankar’s Nanban has already gained much publicity for the choice of lead heroes. As we had earlier mentioned that demand from  Surya side for Rs.8 crores along with half the share of the Telugu distribution rights of the film(worth Rs 10 Crore) not going well with Shankar  had to exit from the remake movie and which also helped re entered Vijay reenter Shankar’s  Nanban camp .

Surprised Surya on how the news was leaked to media is seen really upset about the negative attention he has been receiving, has now decided to hold a press meet , to highlight the reason for his exit, is due to  his packed schedules  for 2011 and hence didn’t want to commit to Shankar just for the sake of it.And also the talks were only at initial stages and him being viewed in a  wrong perspective is just assumptions.

The Star will be releasing a public statement too soon, after many fans looked concerned.

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  1. muruga muruga

    Dei Suray nee sambathikkira panathula 30 percentage Director Bala sir kku kodudaa. Avarthaanda unnai nadiganaakunaar. ithu unakke theriyum.

    kududa neeye thuttai sabdanumnu ninaikkathedaa  Surya Kulla Surya !

  2. Surya4ever

    of course every actors is popular because of the directors. Then do you for example want Vijay to pay some percentage of his salary to Siddique for giving him a “successive” movie after 5 consecutive FLOPS?!

  3. kulla surya

    kutta surya ketta kettukku 18 crores ah..? this kulla kottarukku ivlo scene thevaya…dey dubakkur kulla naye… ivan oru naye literally speaking…he always chooses the gud directors and production houses …can he give chance to new technicians and directors just like vijay and ajit..? this ass hole is not worth..he is just a passing cloud..summa pondatiya vecha polacha naaye ivan…

  4. Vasin

    Surya eppa paarthalum handsome’a thaan irkan. Ethuku ivunga adikadi kullam kullam engranga. He is the most hansome actor in Thamil right now. Aana konjam narrow minded engrathu unmai thaan. 

  5. Sanjeev

    They all gelous on surya’s looks, its a simple concept when there is a beautiful girl in croud all the other girls wants to eliminate her in order for them to looks good. same concept applies….

    After Ghajini Surya has more female fans than Ajith and Vijay.

  6. Sanjeev

    Surya rejected 3 IDEOTS for sallary issue and Vijay accepts it, which means surya’s getting paid a lot than Vijay and Ajith…

    enna oru valarchi

    Ajith = 49 films so far sallary = 7 crores
    Vijay = 51 films so far sallary = i dont know
    Surya 25 films so far sallary = 10 crores

  7. aravind

    hahahah u dont even know the difference between 10 and 18……everybody ahs their own right to choose…Vijay and Ajit wants the script to revolve around them…..but Surya is directors actor….thats why top directors look for him…thu thriyama than Vijay padam flop achu….hey Kavalan director enna new ah???

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