A popular lady news reader was with Navdeep when he was caught

Actor Navdeep

Navdeep, who had acted in several tamil films including Arinthum Ariyamalum, Aegan and Ilavattam was arrested by the Hyderabad police for drunken driving and also threatening the police without allowing them to perform their duties recently.

According to sources, there was also a popular lady  news channel reader with him when he got arrested. Awaiting for the sources to come out with the name.

However she managed the police and got free from the issue without any mention in the whole story, added the sources.

Another interesting happening the same night was Chiru’s brother Pawan kalyan was also stopped at the same place just few minutes before Navdeep’s escape episode took place. But pawan had stopped the car and had  all the vehicle papers ready and without any issue responded to the police officer.

It could have been the same case if Navdeep had stopped the car after police signaled him to stop, but frightened Navdeep drove the car rashly to escape and he is suffering now.



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