A movie on Vachaathi incident

A movie on Vachaathi incident

A movie on Vachaathi incidentThe year 1992 turned out to be a traumatic one for the village folks in the Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu. It was on a 20th of June when a group of police men rushed into the village of Vachaathi , in search of smuggled sandalwood. The village comprising mainly of Dalits ended being destructed at the hands of the officials.

They attacked the houses of innocents and sexually assaulted 18 tribal women in the cheap name of police inquiry. Even though a case had been taken up as late as September, 2011, out of the accused 269 police men 54 were already dead to be taken under custody and dealt with severely. The dark memoirs of the Vachaathi case will be resurrected on celluloid this time with Director Ravithambi helming the project. The movie has actors Rethna Ramesh and Tharushana playing the lead pair with Y. G. Mahendra, Pandu, Balu Anand being part of the ensemble cast. DSP Jagannathan, who actually fought for the case and one Shanmugham who represents the tribal from Vachaathi, will also get an opportunity to vent their feelings out, playing key roles in this upcoming release.

We sincerely hope that Vachaathi brings fore the harsh reality of the incident.



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