A Fan Trailer for Ajiths Mankatha

Ajiths Mankatha trailer by fans
Ajiths Mankatha trailer by fans

The latest rage among Ajith fans is the Mankatha trailer that has just been released. The trailer spans just about 2 minutes but it’s a real display of professionalism. The interesting part of the trailer is that it is not just made for the fans but also by the fans themselves.

Hats off to those who put in all the effort to make this video look ever so thrilling and by no means does it look like a low grade production as all the scenes have a great visual appeal about them. Moreover crispy tags in between like “Business is business until it is personal”, “A war on survival”, “when you change the rules, the game becomes deadly” etc have been cleverly inserted to make it an all-in-all perfect teaser.

Kudos to Thala fans and especially Mr.Shrenik Rudy for this wonderful masterpiece.

Check out the trailer below:



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