7aum Arivu faces ban in Sri Lanka

7aum Arivu to face ban in sri lanka

Actor Suriya’s latest film 7aum Arivu appears to have run into rough weather in Sri Lanka. The film, directed by A.R. Murugadoss and produced by Udhayanidhi’s Red Giant Movies, released worldwide on Deepavali (Wednesday). It was also released in Sri Lanka as part of the initiative to release the film in as many foreign countries as possible which have Tamil population.

In one of his triple roles in the film, Suriya has played Bodhi Dharman, a Buddhist (Tamil) Monk who utters a dialogue in a sequence which goes like this: “Nine countries joining together to attack a single country is not called courage; it’s betrayal.”

The Sinhalese, who are the dominant race in the Island nation, are said to have been greatly angered by this particular dialogue and also the way Bodhi Dharman (a Tamil) has been shown almost equal to ‘Lord Buddha’. Prior to watching the film, not many are aware that a temple is in existence in China for Bodhi Dharman which is regularly worshipped by thousands of people.

Local Sinhalese groups are said to be raising their voices to either delete such ‘controversial sequences’ from the film or ban the screening of the film in the country. It is also reported that the government might give into pressure by deleting ‘objectionable’ portions but still allow the screening of the film.

Reports also say that the film has been running to packed houses in Jaffna and elsewhere.



  1. vinay

    clearly, they dont understand the difference between a monk and Lord Buddha. LOL. silly people, probably if they had paid more attention to reading than killing innocent people than they would have known the difference. but oh well, who eats the chilli, feels the pain.

  2. spoilers

    Bodhi Dharman is still a disputed tthing and there are many varients of his life so what is the use claiming him when his work is not used or followed…. Moreover it is very difficult that the whole arts farms are not followed,,, Tamilans have bad habit of claiming everything which are of no use what is use ful is bhodhidharman’s work  

  3. Raja

    Dai nee enna srilankan K**thia…..moodittu poda vennai….padatha pathi pesa unakku arukatha ella…,if you are tamilian poi neena thhokku pottu thonkidu…unakku uyir vala thakuthi illada nayeee

  4. Soola Karuppan

    angauyum odalaya ??? because no one is buying the tickets – ippaid oru purali ?  cha enne polappu daa saami idhu

  5. Soola Kuppan

    Dai velayudham allam oru padam solittu 7 am ariva compare panriya? inum ethanal da ithde madhiri padam pakkuvinga? Velayudham paddu mokkai!!

  6. Ahammer

    Hey spoiler – I dont know where you geographically belong too, to be honest with you, I dont understand your point perhaps you dont understand what you hate about the movie or tamilans. (You should probably be a complex and under motivated guy). Coming to the point, what do you think of this film claiming? Bodhidharman being a tamilan? What if, if they claim him in an Indian? you would probably not agree as well as you cannot accept the fact. Now what do you want to claim? Bodhidharman’s art farms or build a shaolin templ in india? The art farm (kalari,varmam) is still in india brother. I see this movie just as a movie based on the real story, it is actualy not a real story. If there are multiple version of his life, why would you think he might not born in TN? Who the hell are you to decide if you are not sure about something and dont know if those people are following or not. your comments only reflects you are insecure about tamilans. I just want to say SHUT UP!!

  7. guest

    hey spoilers, tamilian ethukku da claim panninan. turmeric (manjal) ke patent right claim panna mudiyala. pesa vanthitaan. we are proud that a tamilian has given out a famous martial art. If ur an indian then u shd be proud of a person being prayed internationally.

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