70 year polio attacked Perumayi in Tharun Gopi’s Kaatu Paiyaa

tharun gopi in kaatu paiyaa

The film ‘Kurunila Manan’ produced by Nisha Kennedy is going to be released soon. After this film, Nisha Kennedy’s next flick is ‘Kaatu Paiyaa’. ‘Kaatu Paiyaa’ is directed by Tharun Gopi, he also plays the lead role in the film. ‘Kunkumapoovum Konjipuruvum’ heroine Thananya plays the opposite role in the film.

The highlighting feature of this movie is that a 70 year old lady who  plays an important role in the film. The 70 year old lady Perumayi, hails from Vathalagundu and has her both legs attacked by polio.

Tharun Gopi has started the works for the film with the motive to finish the shooting in a single schedule.


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