7 heroines for Rajinis triple role offering Rana

7 heroines is for Rajinis triple role offering Rana

Thalaivar Rajinikanth comeback is eagerly awaited this October 3. Rajini and director K.S. Ravikumar have been meeting each other trying to come out with fresh ideas for their upcoming big flick. Now there are some new updates on the said triple role Rajini offering.

Till date it was believed that Rajini will have three top heroines from all industries i.e Deepika Padukone (from Bollywood), Ileana (from Tollywood ) and another top heroine from ‘namma’ Kollywood (surprisingly the heroine is yet to be announced). But looks like some fresh pearls will be added to this shining ensemble. Reports suggest that four more heroines will be added to the present star cast star oozing with the Rajni’s class act coupled with a lot of glam. So that makes it a total of seven heroines and 3 Rajinis making a brave attempt to satisfy every thirsty Rajiniac out there. Fans have been assured that there won’t be much changes made to the script with Kaviperarasu Vairumuthu acknowledging the fact that Rajini doesn’t want to keep them waiting.

So people whom do you think will be the lucky 4 to enter Rana kingdom




  1. Smile

    Over film odambukku aagadhu.Modhalla shooting start pannunga appuram heroines 7a erukattum illai 10a kooda vechikonga yaar vendanu sonna?Indha hype create panradhule panjame illai….

  2. Tamil Movie Rasigan!

    I Love Rajini from my childhood, but one thing I hate about our thalaivar is “paying any attention to the heroine”.. He soo wanted to act opposite to “Aishwarya”.. that’s soo strange.. OK, aasai ellarukkum thaan irukkum, but I guess Rajini’s movies run for Rajini and not for heroine.. and ofcourse the movie needs a right script..

    “enna script vachaalum, rajini movie odum” – thought P.Vasu and he got burned in Kuselan!!

    It actually takes a minute to recall who was the heroine of various Rajini hit movies..

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