6 New Movie Releasing today shortage of Screens

Tamil cinema trade is not in its good time and this summer all movies released during April and the first half of May, except Paiyaa, have failed miserably at the box office. Vijay’s eagerly-awaited 50th film Sura too did not deliver, creating panic in the industry.

And now adding more fire to it Today six movies are getting released  today

Kola Kolaya Mundhirika – karthik Kumar,Bhavana Rao,jayaram..
Kanagavel Kaakha -Karen,Hari Priya, Kota Srinvas Rao
Kuttrapirivu – Srikanth and Prithviraj
Kaadhalagi -Krishna Kumar,Ajay,Amrutha.
Magane En Marumagane  Naaser, vivek,Sharanya
Maanja Velu-Arun Vijay Karthik,Prabhu,Dhansika

Inpiste of  the Tamil Film Producers’ Council having  issued a diktat some time ago not more than two films should be released in a week,except during the festival season. But all that has been thrown to the winds as some of the most influential people in the industry are backing these films. Says a leading producer, “May 21 is not a festival day. I fail to understand how so many films can release on that day. It is going to be mass suicide at the Tamil Nadu box office. The films that have released so far this summer have fallen like a pack of cards, and these six films will put more pressure on the theatres for screening time. Only those who have clout will manage to squeeze in one or two shows from the theatres. Others will perish, even if their content is good.”

Abirami Ramanathan the owner of Abirami Mega Mall says, “The situation is alarming as I can only play three of the new releases due to shortage of playing time in my screens. Too many releases are not good for the industry.” Tiruppur Subramaniyam, leading distributor and exhibitor in the state, “It’s total chaos out there. Think of the ordinary Tamil film buff; how will he manage to see all the six new releases? Except for Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai, the distributors are not going to get simultaneous releases in small towns and villages. And even for the middle-class audience, where is the money and time to see all the films?”

Chennai multiplexes are  finding it difficult to give playing time to these new releases as They are being also pressed to accommodate other language films. Hrithik Roshan’s eagerly-awaited Kites is releasing big worldwide this Friday, including seven screens in the city. Iron Man 2 (in English and Tamil), which was to release earlier along with rest of the world, has been pushed to May 21 as it had to make way for four Tamil releases on May 7.

Next week the screen space  is getting overcrowded as on May 28, Suriya’s 25th silver jubilee entertainer, Singam, is scheduled to release in approximately 350 screens in Tamil Nadu. Adding to it , Hollywood’s big action summer blockbuster Prince of Persia (including its Tamil dubbed version), is also releasing on the same day.

This clearly would lead at least some of the films that are released on May 21, irrespective of collections, will be ejected after a week to accommodate the biggies.

A veteran producer concludes, “The genuine producer has been elbowed out by those with clout and connections. Only the mighty and financially strong production houses who have clout with the distributors and exhibitors can now manage to even release their films. And the chances of it making it at the box office are remote as theatres are rationing out shows.”



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    gonna watch all 6..lets see which one is good..
    and lets see which one makes the most money..kathu irunthu pappOM:).

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