57-year old man marries 14-year old girl

Longing for a post-retirement companion, a 57-year-old employee of the Andhra Pradesh State Road Corporation has married a 14-year old girl, and had ran away with the bride to evade arrest.

However, the police arrested the groom later under the provisions of the Child Marriage (Prevention) Act, later produced him before the court and the court has issued orders to a 14-day remand on the groom.

The wedding ceremony was attended by both families and relatives at a temple in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. The groom has a daughter and a son – both are married and have children.

The marriage was held at Satyanarayana Swamy Temple in Aryapuram, East Godavari district. Surprisingly, the temple authorities have registered the marriage in their office records. However, it didn’t go down too well with the women rights group in the region. They alerted the local police, who immediately swung into action. But by the time they could barge into the wedding party, the ageing groom had already escaped with his minor bride.

Shocking still, the girl’s parents asked the police to keep their noses out of their personal matter.

The impoverished parents said that marrying their minor daughter to the retiring government employee was a great opportunity, which they did not want to miss. Those in favour of the groom said, “Now that he is retiring, he needs a companion. He did not force anybody to marry him. It was a mutual decision.”

The Child Marriage Restraint Act 2005 states that all those who perform or encourage wedding of a girl below 18 years or a boy below 21 years of age directly or indirectly – including parents, those who attend the wedding, purohits (priests) – are responsible for the crime.



  1. Anonymous

    antha kelavan sunni ya cut pannanum then problem will be solved
    poda badu,thevadia paya,kena punda ,olu mari

  2. Anonymous

    the old man obviously gave loads of money to the parent of the young girl.. just simply disgusting.. ewwwwwww

  3. Anonymous

    I fink he woz gettin a bit horny in da old age an just wanted 2 fuck a young gal( kind of perverted) buh he probabli thought he could get away wid it…raa they hav a 43 year age gap…if theyd had a first night I feel sorry 4 the girl. ;O

  4. Anonymous

    Man whats wrong with those parents!!!!!!! They should be the first to be arrested!!!!! Spoiling their daughters life like that!!!
    And te old man!!!! – He's got childrean who are married and got their own kids – and he wantts to marry a 14 year old who is even younger than his own children and probably near the same age range as his grandchildren!!!
    God i feel sorry for the 14 year old girl!! She should hv just ran away!!!

  5. vnseg

    The whole issue is not the girls decision but the motive was all for $$$$$, the parents sacrificed their own daughter for wealth only

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