20 fainted as Rahmans 127 Hours casts spell on US audience

A R Rahman the Magician
A R Rahman the Magician

Even though Rahman’s 127 Hours has been released only in  few theaters it surely has made waves across  US .It turned out to be an experience which fainted almost 20 people.This latest Hollywood offering from Rahman has now officially cast the Rahman spell on the foreign audience.

We know the genius that Rahman is with his music as well as with his background scores .An this time yet again he has pushed the characters in the story to a whole new level solely with his sonic powers especially in scenes where the lead actor cuts his own arms, drinks his own urine etc.
The director Danny Boyle was all praises for Rahman , he said that the maestro “deliberatively manipulated moods” to push the character further in the movie 127 Hours which tells the painful story of a guy who is stuck under a boulder in the Utah Canyon.

The Double Oscar and Grammy winner Rahman has contributed to 8 tracks out of 14.
The movie received loud ovations and sources confirmed that “Rahman’s score effectively heightens the emotion
The director has already expressed his happiness working with Rahman as he said “It is quite rare to watch someone who is so musically just extraordinary really…and he inhabited the world (in ‘127 Hours’) we are trying create silence with…sometimes there is silence, but sometimes it is a kind of ambience silence he created,”

Way to go Rahman!We are proud of you!

Here is one of the tracks from the movie, Enjoy:



  1. wrong

    wrong projection…
    people fainted by seeing the climax… where the hero cuts his own hand… to escape….

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