18 Vayasu shot with 120 cameras


18 Vayasu is an upcoming Tamil movie about the experiences of an 18-year-old boy. Johnny of Renigunta fame is playing the male lead while Gayathri, a new face, is the heroine.

The story tries to bring out emotions of the couple as they fall in love. Keeping a mind on technology and its importance in relationships this surely seems to be a movie targeted at the youth.

Various scenes in ‘18 Vayasu’, have been shot using 120 still cameras.

Director Panneerselvam, whose debut movie too was ‘Renigunta’, says: “this Time Slice Shots technique was earlier used by director Shankar in films such as ‘Boys’ and ‘Anniyan’ for a couple of scenes.”

“But in ‘18 Vayasu’, we have used the expensive method to shoot at lease eight important scenes. This will give a new experience for those who watch the film in theatres,” the director adds.

Saying that a newcomer Gayathri is paired opposite Johnny in this film, he says, “Both are good in front of camera. ‘18 Vayasu’ will be an important milestone in Johnny’s career.” The film is produced by NIC Arts S S Chakravarthy.

We hope the team’s technical brilliance will only compliment the success of the movie.


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