1008 Rajinikanth Tiripur fans tonsure their heads

1008 Rajinikanth Tiripur fans tonsure their heads The ritual of tonsuring your head and offering it to the divine for well being and goodness is an age-old tradition in the state of Tamil Nadu. In a strong display of love and affection and being tied to their beliefs, ย Thalaivar Rajinikanths Tiripur fans have fulfilled their vow of tonsure, wishing Rajini all the good luck before kick starting his Rana.His forthcoming flick is expected to resume this September 3rd ,with fans waiting for Rajinis return back to the sets with a bated breath . Thalaivar had earlier stated that it was his fans love that helped him through those trying conditions in Singapore. Now that he is recovered back to normal, fans are offering thanks giving to the Holy one.

A total of 1008 of his fans offered their hair at the Palani Murugan temple after cleansing themselves at the Shanmuga Nadhi. The 1008 fans also offered a special pooja for Rajini with all of them dressed in a spotless pair of a white dhoti and shirt. The Kollywood king almost enjoys a God like stature in the filmy state with his loyal fans ever by his side. They even carried out the Annadanam custom, serving lunch to almost 3000 devotees.

Long live Thalaivar !!






  1. Raj

    Even if you kill them, they won’t learn. I am fan of Rajini and others too. I won’t go extreme and always myself and my family come first.

  2. DK

    dear vasin..we all know,when TR movie releases u will not only tonsure ur head..u will shave other places as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Nanban

    Muttai Adiththathukku Pathilaga, Ellarum Thalaiya Vetti Erukkalaam! Indiavukku Thevai Ellatha 1008 Muttaalkalin Ennikkai Kurainthirukkum. *DONT_KNOW*  

  4. xyz

    adada ena oru adhisayam.. vasin indha article la matum dhan vasin forgot to use his signature word FUCK hehehe

  5. prata

    Stupid idiots. please dont upload such retared news. sadly india is the only place where cinema stars get worshippes. its seriously pathetic

  6. INDIA

    Why you all embarrasing indian community in other nation , Do u know indian people been look down in other region due to this kind of retared behaviour, pls do something that make other people proud , please establish your self rather than doing this kind stupid work …donate food , or something that can help other people such as education , food ……INDIA  especially south indian … pls get your life , this is really sad to c people giving such a respect to cinema rather to your life ….tHis news jus showing how stupid indian people ….Pls dont embaress indian community ..

  7. malaysia

    ohh … god such a embarrasing, i’m a fan of rajini …by then this is showed how the standard of indian mind..pls get ur life india, u re very far from other nation country , even u re good in IT , BY THEN THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR WILL ILL THE EYES OF OTHER NATION SUCH AS SINGAPORE , MALAYSIA, ENGLAND , US …..other develping country … pls get your life first  …really stupit to c this  ๐Ÿ™

  8. siva

    seems alot vaithericaal party commenting here..its up to them..they never touch ur hair so y u talk nonsense…dun interfere in other buisness morons

  9. Nanban

    Other business until that inside the home! If it comes out side, that is everybody business. You can not stop! Nobody can stop. Only thing you can do, read the comments and let Rajini know (if he desnt knows). >:o

  10. rock

    mr.punith kumar/valli

    una madri oru tharudalayaaa pathaduthu unga amavayum apanaiyummmmmmmmmmm savasoluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  11. rock

    to all stupidsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    so u will never pray to god for ur family or friends if they were sick same like( same kidney failure) and u will not offer money in church, temple or mosque
    its a kind of offering ( in hindus believe  ๐Ÿ˜‰ and u should be happy that fans they did wht they told this shows their affection and lov against superstar and he is doing free treatment for all his fans and some people in his hospital who  are all above 50years (without taking 1 rupee)

    so if possible no need to be fan for superstar, just dont write any stupid commentsssssssssss

  12. Raj

    Rock,  Its nothing to do with any religion, the commenters mad at the bald headed people. I am a Rajini fan too, my heart goes out him and his family, at the same I won’t do this type of stupid things even for myself.  HIS IS NORMAL ORDINARY HUMAN BEING HE KNOW HOW TO TAKECARE OF HIMSELF. Those don’t get it.

  13. Raj

    Rock, Its nothing to do with any religion, the commenters mad at those bald headed people not Rajini. I am a Rajini fan too, my heart goes out to him and his family, but I won’t do anything this stupid even for myself BY THE WAY I DO RESPECT ANY RELIGION.  
    HE KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF with his family and friends. Thes bald headed people (socald extreme fans) don’t get it.  THATS IS BIGGEST PROBLEM THATS WHY WE ALL POINTING FINGERS AT THEM.

  14. june

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Jokers are increasing we need a commsion to control this jokers….. any pest control for contolling this jokers

  15. Xyz

    Mind your words . Who the hell are you talk about Tamilians ?? As if u are a great scientist and genius .
    First of all go and take care of your place and stop ppl from doing whatever u feel its stupid. We will take care of our ppl.

  16. Pacs

    I agree to your points but why the hell should we care about Indain community in other nation?? In fact what have you done to set things right in India?? 

    It would be stupid for people in India to set things right just for NRI’s to be respected in other countries..

    Tell me the truth are you insulted just becos of these incidents in India? Dont you think people working as toilet cleaners abroad would be naturally insulted!!

  17. manav

    hey ,,, u dont get  it wht we are saying , well do you tamilian been look down in other country such as MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, england , US becouse of none reallistic Tamilians in INDIA…. By  then would you ever seen Malaysian indian or singaporean indian, they work hard,, even tamil schools and temple been build in larger scale , they earn respect trough their hard work and 0 poverty  , Indian people in malaysia and singaporean establish much better than india tamilian….

  18. PRITHA

    yah u right , MALAYSIAN AND SINGAPORE tamilians much better than india tamilian,EVEN THEY LOOK SO DOWN india tamilian … THEY FEEL WE RE CHEATER dirty so sos on …THE NEVER BELIEVE IN INDIA TAMILIANS

  19. neha

    tamil nadu people must change their mentality.. D film stars r just an entertainers.. here (in malaysia) also got die hard fans of rajini but i don think so they wil do dis kind of stupid things..

  20. Chinna R

    @xyz..ada neenge vera..TR’ku yethuna avuna..vasin kandayedulle yellam shave panniduvaru..yennage vasin..veerasaamy padathukkaga yenge shave panninge??

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