10 heads of actor Vikram


What we all know about Vikram is just that he is an excellent actor. Here we have few interesting activities similar to the 10 head of Raavan what  Vikram has in him, for his fans.

1) Vikram being a good actor is also an excellent writer. It is Chiyaan’s habit to write beautiful English poems and articles since his schooling in Yercaud Montfort School.

2) Vikram is another home sick bird. Whenever he is free he likes to be in his house and reaches home as soon as shooting is over.

3) Vikram’s favourite pastime is to play with his son and daughter. He likes to teach them and help them in their home work.

4) He is fond of pets especially parrots and pigeons. African Grey is the one which welcomes you into his house. Though it welcomes in Tamil, it is fluent in English. Vikram’s regular routine is to talk to this bird.

5) Vikram’s favourite hobby is photography. Vikram carries his camera with him like Ajith. Vikram gives importance to framing and lighting. There is a big collection of photos in his house.

6) When he comes to the dining table, he does not have the habit to read books or watch TV. He developed this habit right from the time in boarding school with the intention of not wasting the food.

7) Vikram is an expert in playing guitar. Seeing him play the guitar, some extra scenes like the actor playing the guitar was included in the film ‘Ullasam’. Another thing in which Vikram is expert is pencil sketching. He used to show his sketching collections to his close friends and ask them for their comments.

8) Vikram is very health conscious. To keep himself fit, he spends two hours on work outs  in gym daily. After coming back from gym, he does yoga. Now he has taken up to swimming also.

9) In order to not get bored when he is at home, Vikram use to do household work.

10) Vikram has the habit of giving gifts to the children and people who render assistance to him at the outdoor shooting spots. He usually gifts watches, dresses and toys and thank them. Vikrams wife Shailaja is the one who shops and ships these gifts to Vikram.



  1. Anonymous

    Vikram is a gud guy! actors lyk these make our tamilnadu proud across the globe! proud to be a tamilian


  2. Anonymous

    haha, i do all of those hobbies and love doing it..that's awesome! me and vikram have common things together.. but i don't really workout for 2 hrs.. : )

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