‘VTV’ Samantha:No time to romance


Samantha is a well known figure to the film industry after her film ‘Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya’. At present she is working for the film ‘Bana Kathadi’. Samantha has played the role which Trisha did in ‘Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya’ in the Telugu version.

Samantha who paired with Nagarjuna’s son Chaitanya previously has signed her next film also with him. At this instance news comes out that Chaitanya was  the one who recommended her name to the producers.

Samantha while speaking on this said,” I will not only tell that Chaitanya is my best friend but we are the best pair in the cinema. I am not telling this because I am paring with him in my next film. All the people who have seen us say this. The director  was the one who decided to cast me opposite to him. Chaitanya had not recommended me.

She added,” Many are asking me whether I have boyfriends and whether I am in love with someone. I did  love some one during the school days. But that time I was very immature. Now I am concentrating in cinema only and I don’t have time for romance.”



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