Thotta Vilai Enna


Watch Thotta Vilai Enna Short Film Directed by Nalan

starring: Ramesh,Vijay,Siva,Kannan,Ashita

Cinematography: NS Rajesh Kumar

Background Score: R Nandha


  1. Bad message to the society. Encounter is very much needed in a country like india where our law system is more inclined for criminals. Look at kassab, he is still enjoying his days after killing so many people brutally.
    We are really very proud of tamil nadu police who did encounter recently on the criminal that killed two innocent kids. It will surely create waves and make others criminals to be afraid of doing such activities.

    Even mahatma gandhi has told that, for a country to live there is no wrong in giving a state.

  2. I agree. Its not a bad thing as long as police do it for the right intentions rather than becoming too emotional or for purely selfish reasons. This concept is a classic example of it. Bold concept though, nice acting..

  3. Dai address sa sollu ,unnai nejamave encounter la poduraen,encounter la poatavellam enna thiyagiya? avanukku vakaalathu vangur nee enna avalo periya appa takkara?

  4. great screenplay,dialogues and music.Amazing short film.Enna messagethan cleara sollala! saying all encounters are wrong is stupid! everythign depends on why that encounter was done in the first place.Manitha urimaiyna…victimsum manithargal thana.If someone like coimbatore case or even in this movie actually killed people for their own pleasure, appo sethavanellam manithargal ellaya, appo aungaloda human rights?Appo intha madri aalunga atleast innum pala manithargalla gaali panratha avoid panna,avungala pottu thallum Policekararum Human rights preserve pannathan paadu padrar!As Priya says , it depends on why it was done.aana messagela atha cleara solli erukkanum.sela mistakana,personal vengeance naala nadakkura encountergalala evlo kashtamnu solli erukkanum!as such I agree with all other comments above.

  5. comment panninavanuku naa oru yedhir comment kudukuren.. idhuku naduvula nee dhaan irukaradhulaye periya appa takkaru maadhiri dash eh aatura.. mooditu kadada mundam

  6. nice presentation,the acting was good,i feel that i saw a big good movie….keep making to make people think.thanks you

  7. Really a awesome concept…………………..its really a pain and some thing i try to contribute this message………….its really great……even though in some case we need to accept !!!!!!!

  8. Hi Nalan,

    It`s a very nice movie we would like to rope you in for a short film contest please give a call to speak in detail



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