Potta Potti Movie Trailer

Potta Potti Trailers
Potta Potti Trailers

Banner  : AVR talkies (p) Ltd
Cast  : Sadagoppan Ramesh, Harini
Direction  : Yuvaraj
Production : V.Murali Raaman
Music  : Arul Dev

Potta Potti Movie Trailer


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    When I get old I would whack as many Lungi wearing people as possible; now I can’t risk my life.

    When people get old they should stop working and start destroying bad elements because God Siva has forgotten ‘Alithal’ and has been doing the first two only. Therefore when we choose our CM in the future we should not look at what he did for the country but how many bad guys he managed to kill in his last term. If Jayal kills 200000 bad guys and Karnan kills 190000 I would vote for Jayal.


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