Match Fixing videos-Pak Bowlers Fixed against England


A multi-million pound cricket match-fixing ring which RIGGED the current Lord’s Test between England and Pakistan.

In the most sensational sporting scandal ever, bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif delivered THREE blatant no-balls to order.

Thei London-based fixer Mazhar Majeed, who was caught live on hidden camera for betting scam for £150,000, is multi millionare who owns 1.8 million pound mansion where he treats his celebrities

Mazhar, was arrested  but released on bail on Monday.

Amir delivers Friday’s promised no-ball

Who Knows how many more matches were fixed like this.


  1. Salman Butt in the background is looking at the bowler's feet as if to ensure the no-ball is delivered properly… and this is a big, deliberate no-ball as was Randiv's….

  2. I think even Sehwag century denial by the srilankans by bowling a no ball would also have been heavily fixed by the bookies..

  3. Maybe this video was made after the match & made to look like it was made before just to create an impression that the 2 no balls were fixed.

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