KO Movie Trailer

Ko Movie Poster
Jeeva and Ajmal in KO Poster

Jeeva’s ‘KO’ directed by K.V.Anand, is a film that comes in a commercial pack reflecting some sensitive issues happening around us. The film also has Ajmal, Karthika and Piaa Bajpai in prominent roles. Red Giant movies has acquired the distribution rights of KO and the movie is expected to hit the screens on January. Take a look at the trailer released today.

KO Movie Trailer


  1. Sorry guys for the confusion, it was KO Trailer running in chrome and Firefox, while internet explorer had shreyas interview.

    It has been corrected with internet explorer too now

  2. punde    naayi  yella  sceneseyum  hollywood movies lirundhu suttu oru film pannita  ava  director ah  sondhama yosingadaa deee


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