Woman with No Hands is China’s Top Embroiderer

Women with No Hands becomes China's Top Embroiderer
Gao Baoying  does embroidery with her feet

Looking at her embroidered art, you’d probably think this woman has golden hands, when in fact, she has no hands at all.

In an amazing display of dexterity and human perseverance, a woman born with no arms in China has become the top embroiderer in the village in which she lives! Gao Baoying has compensated for the loss of her limbs to such a degree that she can thread a needle with her feet on the first try. (How many people with two arms and two hands can honestly say that?)

Gao, who lives in China’s Tianjin municipality, began practicing embroidery with her feet, when she was just a teenager. As time passed, her skills improved, and now she creates the most beautiful embroidery.

She holds a needle with her right foot and threads it with her left. No one in the village of  Tianjin  can compete with Gao’s speed and level of skill.

Women with No Hands becomes China's Top Embroiderer
Women with No Hands becomes China's Top Embroiderer

Women with No Hands becomes China's Top Embroiderer

Women with No Hands becomes China's Top Embroiderer

“ I was born without arms. So from childhood, I swore to myself that I would use my feet for everything,” says Gao. Everything includes: eating, washing, combing her hair, pouring tea, drawing pictures and even cutting paper.

When this extraordinary woman was in school, she topped her classmates both in grades and stamina, as she used her mouth to turn pages and wrote out her lessons and homework with her feet.

As recognition of her skills, Gao Baoying was invited to showcase her work, at the Shanghai Expo.

 Gao offer an unsettling but incredible perspective on the capabilities and endurance of the human spirit. The next time the words, “I can’t do this” are about to form on your lips, just think about Gao, and then…think again!

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  1. she s a living example to show tta one can come up in any difficult impossible situation.disabilities hv little effect if one can keep up their self confidence, then disability s a boon , t s a road to success…


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