Vijay and Simbu at Jai Birthday Bash Stills

Vijay and Simbu at Jai Birthday Stills
Vijay and Simbu at Jai Birthday

Actor Jai celebrated his 26th birthday on April 6 at Binny Mills near Chennai airport where he was shooting for Vettai Mannan with Simbu. Incidentally layathalapathy Vijay too was shooting on an adjoining set action scenes for his Velayudham.

Simbu who had arranged for the birthday party wanted to invite Vijay but was a little hesitant as he doubted whether the star would come to the party. We all know that Simbu and Jai are the big fans of ‘Thala’ Ajith.

However Vijay without hesitation immediately came to the party hall. All of them had a blast and the loudest clap was when Vijay gave a piece of the cake to his look-alike Jai.

Vijay and Simbu at Jai Birthday Bash Stills

Photos Shared by Simbu.

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  1. The Same Vijay once refused to give Jai a lift in his car when Jai was a lesser known actor and now, he gives cake to him. It is one’s personal victory that makes swollen headed people like Vijay to respect others.

  2. Hey Shalini,     Vidhyan is 100% correct, check the facts first. donot follow selfish actors like Vijay blindly


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