Sona Birthday Celebration Stills & Video

Sona Birthday Bash
Sona Birthday Bash

Sexy actress celebrated her birthday at chennai on Wednesday 1st June 2011. She offered gifts to the needy children.

Sona Birthday Bash Stills Videos

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  1. Hmm its nice to see u distributing books and other things to under privilaged kids…… nice thought……..ana antha dress koncham nalla than podurathu??/any way God will bless for u r good doings….live long….

  2. Might be you are doing this for publicity, Anyhow you are helping poor childrens, that is enough to disolve your selfishness.

    God bless you all kids, 

  3. look nice celebrate birthday wit poor childrens..i dono u do 4 publicity or kindness but u make te poor childrens fell happy and smile.thanks 2 u sona n god bless u dear.

  4. Kelaviya eruntha ava sontha kasula selavu panra….she might have done for publicity…but it has done good to some poor kids…we should appreciate that guys…….

  5. எத்தனையாவது பிறந்த நாள். 60 ஆவது பிறந்த நாளா????????????????????????????

  6. pic no 1 iself horrible.wat a makeup & hair color omggg.kooda irundavangalam pavam. They are also sme wat ok, But imagine abt tat kids. ethana nal ada nenichu bayandangalo????


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