Shruti Haasan walks the ramp at Hyderabad


Shruti Haasan is sexy and stylish , and the young actress was in Hyderabad recently to be part of a fashion event.

Sruthi Hasaan Ramp walk

Sruthi hasan at hyderabad


  1. Hey Shruti, even if you are slim you don’t look good at all. Eat beef everyday; have a few boy friends and then ditch them; have sex; violent sex. Then your face will become mean and it will suit your style; I mean thick voice, western music, cat walk and so on.

  2. People write you are sexy because of your father’s standing and image. You are not sexy. Work hard to become sexy and be a winner.

  3. You got it; Being dirty is OK if you say it smoothly like you did. If you need to kill someone kill with a silencer attached gun; not like they do it in Thamil films. All that matters is good style.

  4. Vasin, ur views and mine are the total opp, thus i wld like to get to know u more in personal. I would like to know who this aggressive person truly is.

  5. I am not aggressive Wth; and I am a good guy; I decided on a cohesive and honest propoganda because I was afflicted by this lack of progression of minds of Thamilar. Also you know now the other communities are openly dispising Thamilar and more often than not they are right. At this stage I can’t reveal my name. However if you believe you know better ways to encourage our guys and girls to be bold and make Thamilar proud you may send mails to me. I am on a holiday so I will spend time on your mails;

  6. Poooooooooooooooor comment , very poor unnake asingama illa, you will never even match 1/10000th of her tallents so pls fuck off

  7. though nt gr8 in luks n in the above posture… she is definitely gud model  but nt d best model .. .according to me better than trisha less than deepika padukone…  

  8. u have bedi legs who is the idiot who tell that u have sexy legs maybe he has never seen one u have ugly bedi legs,maybe becos of your fathers image they are telling like that if u want have sexy legs eat well and get fu cked with someone who know how to do it ,if u cant have the correct person in this pls contact me i will do it for u sweety bedi.

  9. Hey Vasin, now I know the secret for the beauty of ur mom, sister and wife… Thats y you suggested those secrets to Sruthi….

  10. vasin, how can you judge someone like that? why cant we all grow up as a society? why would you bring in her personal life issues? what the hell, why would you make an analogy between her voice which is absolutely gorgeous and sex? just because you fake or whatever, or even if your e-mail says frm uk or whatnot doesnt make any better. you just sound like a jealous girl or an obnoxious male who is either stuck in the 1900s or is a kid. the time you gonna spend on e-mail people back- use it to change yourself.
    your well-wisher, i dont believe in calling each other names. this is my opinion.

  11. I just meant she has to get mean if wants to win because she joined the race late. I have a few holidays left; I don’t do this all the time.

  12. May be; going by the overwhelming opposition. I don’t think the subtance is wrong. I just suggest to be mean to a girl who is unable to see her true position because people flatter all the time. However I may have erred in my style and words.

  13. dei vasin.Athu enna vaya washbasinada!
    being liberal in sexual matters is okay. but when it comes to our great family systems and importance given to emotional intuitions – they are wonderful things! I wont call it backward at all and would proud of being part of such a society with great values.
    summa sorinai madri athukaaga eppovumae atha pathi oosikka mudiyadhu okay
    i saw you supporting nayanthara in another post with similar comments.but dont you get it? noone wouldve been so much dissatisfied if Prabhudeva didnt have a family of his own and specially with kids, he has responsibilities.clearly his family needs him and its just not for money! and going by the same liberal and bold stuff you want, why would nayanthara even want to get married.if she likes prabhu, let her just be but dont claim place in his home! and have some respect for people who respect their commitments to their partners.I agree thata s long as they do it out of love its great unless its not forced to keep such a commitment.Thamilars have always been bold even in these matters, but the structure of families and emotional bondage and commitments and responsibilities are like best practices in life.we dont have to loose them for progress.time will come when the world will learn from us!

  14. Hi Chalukya Chola

    You started in Telugu movie style but got better as you went along. Fine. However you don’t get the point. You are not intelligent. Nothing is better than the concept of communism. Then why those communist countries suffered so much under communists. Communism is not practicable. Many of our practises are not practicable. Why wait until the cover bursts? Clear?

    And why this dei and da. Another bold practise of Thamilar? Oh you keep it to pass it onto the world. Disgusting. You are disgusting. 

  15. Hi Vijay

    This Maanga really got into my nerves. Sorry. I will be cool again. I will be enjoying for 3 more days including today.

    In one of your post you said ‘She is a celebrity so I shouldn’t be harsh’. Why you said that? Is it some code or you have a well articulated reason behind it?


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